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About Womankind

Womankind Maternal and Prenatal Care Center was founded 1975. The dream of Michele Rogers RN and Elaine Eberlin was to provide a free prenatal clinic staffed primarily by loving and non-judgmental volunteers as the way to meet the medical and emotional needs of women who were pregnant or thought they might be. Womankind is an advocate for women and helps them with referrals for issues such as adoption, legal and psychiatric assistance, and drug treatment. Our caring services are unique in that we provide comprehensive prenatal care combined with education and emotional support in a loving and non-judgmental environment.

Over the years we have grown in terms of the numbers of women seen, scope of services provided, hours of operation, and the number of volunteers providing care, number of paid staff, space occupied and dollars needed to keep our doors open. We have remained true to our vision, philosophy and mission. Womankind is confidential, comprehensive, and compassionate and meets current standards of care.